About Us


At Mobysens, our mission is to help and contribute to understand humans in their environments. Throughout our daily activities, we interact with people, things, and places. These interactions create our world. They shape our behaviour, our health, our environments, and they define how objects are being used. By offering innovative solutions to measure people and their environments, our solutions open ways to dig deeper in the understanding of who we are, and what world we create.

Let us know about your world, what challenges you want to address, and let us build a better tomorrow together!

Our team

Mobysens was founded in 2013 in Montreal, Canada, by two persons with an engineering background and a health scientist, and was based on the observation that better tools for measuring people’s behaviour, physiology, and interactions with their environments was needed.

We are a team of dedicated professionals aiming to deliver original and cutting edge products that will fit your needs.

With the support of PME-MTL CENTRE-EST :

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Our clients


The Sensedoc made it possible to collect accurate GPS and accelerometry data for our study among 500 older adults. And the participants loved the device, it was easy to use!

Dr. Philippe Gerber,
Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research

TWe needed a device for monitoring of location and physical activity and tracking of social contacts among our patients with diabetes. The Sensedoc was perfect for our needs, and the Mobysens team provided great guidance to help our staff with the data collection procedure.

Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta,
McGill University