Monitor daily mobility and physical activity

With its tri-axial accelerometer, high-precision GPS chip, and RFID ability, the SenseDoc allows both indoors and outdoors mobility tracking, while measuring physical activity. Used in combination with the SenseAnalytics software, raw accelerometry data is transformed into precise and useful metrics. Real-time capacity further allows continuous tracking and geofencing.

Combine multiple sensors for your unique project!

With its RFID capacity, one can add a large number of sensing capabilities to the SenseDoc, including heart rate and blood pressure monitors, weight scales, bike power meters, geocache chirps, and more! Let us know about your project and we’ll help you arrange the best set-up!

Track indoor mobility

Whereas the GPS offers a great way to measure outdoor mobility, complementary solutions are needed indoors. With the ANT+ and OpenBeacon protocols, one can easily track interior mobility, for example through interior placement of ANT+ Geocache chirps. Alternatively, place the SenseDoc in key locations, and equip patients or personal with wearable chirps, and know where people are or meet in real-time.

Track social contacts

Because the SenseDoc detects ANT+ and OpenBeacon RFID tags, one can measure social contacts, for example between healthcare professionals and patients, or between employees in a company. Between-person contact data can further be sent over-the-air for real-time assessment of sociometry.